Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jasmine & Kyle's Wedding 6/28/13

They're officially Mr. and Mrs. Smith!  And, I, am no longer the only sister-in-law!  Haha!  They are such a pretty couple, and Jasmine looked just like a princess on her day!
I didn't take many pictures that day, so I borrowed these from her photographer, so, unfortunately they are a little fuzzy......

How handsome is this guy??

He's not too bad either :)

I just love this picture of Kyle and BJ.  They have such a special bond!

Handsome cousins!

The reception hall was decorated soooo cute!  Jasmine and the family did a great job planning and decorating it!

This is an awful picture, but it's the only one I had of us with the Bride and Groom.

Cake smooshing time!

Shaun and Kyle's buddies had a GREAT TIME decorating the car.  I wish you could see all the details.  It was seriously funny!  

It was a hot, but absolutely perfect day!  Such a fun wedding.  I'm so glad it's over though!  Ha!

Summer 2013

Well, it's been a busy summer so far!  We have been doing a ton of things -- it feels like every day is just GO, GO, GO!  Here's a little of what we've been up to so far...

It has been incredibly hot this summer.  This was a really hot week, but honestly, every day here is somewhere around 100 degress.  Ugh.

We went to the lake last week to go boating with our friends, the Boyce's.  It was a pretty short lived experience - we hit a sand bar/rock shortly after this picture and broke the boat.  Whoops.

These are the neighborhood kiddos.  Well, at least our immediate neighborhood.  We've got Rowan and Kamdyn, Ava, and of course Carter and Lukey.  We have lots of fun on the warm summer nights.  This night, we pulled out the fire pit and all hung around. They are some of my favorite nights.

We did Jasmine's hair when she got back from her honeymoon.  We lightened it up a titch and then did an ombre on her ends and cut off like 6 inches!

Billy and Aime had their baby, Beckham William Auger, on June 19th.  He's such a little stud, and Aime did such a great job having her baby at home!

We went to the lake with the Auger's for Memorial Day.  Luke was loving the head scratcher thing!

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to dig!  We had to bark the rest of our yard, and so we felt bad that in doing that, we took away all their digging spots.  So, Shaun built them a sandbox.  They literally play out there EVERY DAY!  

Dad took Luke and I on a little stroll in the bike trailer :)

Sometimes on Sundays when we go to the Smith's house, we put the boys in boxing gear and just let them go at it.  It's pretty funny!

Apparently his book was pretty interesting...

He asked me, "Mom, do I look like Indiana Jones?"

My favorite part of the week is when I get to spend a little time talking to this hot piece of ass via Skype. :)


Luke drew this picture and INSISTED on giving to "Aba".
Such a cutie!

Aime and I went to Denio's to look for some old furniture and some produce.  She made me try one of their famous corn dogs.

Apparently Roxy got loose in their house.  He sent me this text message saying, "Two Dirty Doctor Peppers or the dog gets it!"  It still makes me laugh!

Isn't this just a perfect picture of them all?  It's so classic of each of their personalities!

Luke started Little Schoolhouse for the summer.  We're trying to get him adjusted to it, and seeing if we can get him potty-trained in time to go for fall.  The potty training isn't going well so far, but he's liking school a lot!

I took a Kenra Smoothing class with Crystal, and I tried it on Aime.  The results were seriously amazing for her!  Her hair is super frizzy!  The before and after were both paddle brushed!
She said it's a total game changer for her - she usually has to spend a LOT of time on her hair between drying it and flat ironing, now she just has to blow it dry and just that takes way less time!

Melissa and Cameron also had their baby, Austin Marshall McKinty, on July 16th.  He's such a cute little thing, and so far, looks a lot like his daddy!

Carter is super obsessed with Skylanders.  Carson had a sleepover at our house and left his Skylanders behind, so Carter lined them up in a very convenient place in our house. 


We babysat the preschool Guinea Pig, HENRY!  Henry is the nicest guinea pig in the whole world!  We wish we could keep him!

Roxy really enjoyed him too.

Don't mess.

Well, that's about it for now!  Back to potty training........................

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Utah Summmma

We just got back from Utah last week.  It was just marvelous, as usual.  It was a bit of a weird trip, since Mama was gone.  We stayed at her house, and Jenny and her family were there from Boston, so we were able to see her.  It felt sooooo great to give her a huge hug since I haven't been able to while she's been so sick.  I missed her so much.  It was great to just spend some good quality time with Jenny.
We went to Grace's baptism the morning that we got there.  I can't believe that girl is 8 already!  Unfortunately, Candace's camera didn't have a SIM card in it, so I didn't get any pictures of her at her baptism.
The boys both had a LOT of fun hanging out with their cousins that they don't get to see often.  So, that's what we did the most of - hanging out with family.

We went to see Uncle Mark up at the Fire Station.  He showed us all around the place, let us dress up in fireman gear, slide down the pole, and sit up in the fire engine.

This was literally the only picture I had from Grace's baptism.  Love my sis.

Carter had lots of fun playing Legos with Grace and Josh

This was on our hunt to find coconut syrup for our Dirty Dr. Peppers/Dirty Diet Coke's.  They were seriously sold out EVERYWHERE we went!  Jenny, Becky, Candace, and I drove around all of SLC looking for some.  We finally found this little hole in the wall in Sandy that had some!

This is the Dirty Dr. Pepper.  It's, oh, so yummy.  Coconut syrup on the bottom, then ice, then a lime squeezed over the ice to crystalize it, then your Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke, and then a tiny little bit of half and half.  Amazeballs.

There were some pug puppies for sale in the Harmon's parking lot.  We HAD to stop and play with them.  It was basically the hardest thing to not take one or two or seven of them home with me.  Carter really wanted to bring home a black sister for Roxy.
This was my own personal heaven...

We went up to Kaysville to see the Peterson's.  It was so nice, Sally cooked us a nice dinner after a long day, and all the family was there, minus Kevin.  Carter and Luke were outside playing on the trampoline, and Carter was pulling Luke's arm.  Apparently he was pulling a little too hard and he popped his elbow out of socket.  We had it X-rayed twice, to make sure it wasn't his wrist that was broken, and then his elbow, and then the doctor popped it right back into place.  It was VERY SAD.  Poor little buddy was in so much pain, I felt awful!  The doctor sent us home with a sling so that he wouldn't move it around too much, but he wouldn't keep it on.

 I drove by some of my old stomping grounds while I was in Orem.  It was so nostalgic to see the house that I grew up in.  I sure miss that house!  I drove by my high school too - can't believe it's been 13 years since I graduated.  That's just sad.  It was also nice to drive by the SLC temple.  It's so gorgeous.  

I went to lunch with a few friends.  Leslie and I always have to make a trip to Molly's - it's my favorite place in all of Utah.  This time Chelsea was able to come too.  It was so great to see her!  Two of my favorite people!

Yep.  Yum.  I'm literally salivating just looking at this picture.

Went to SLC and got to go to lunch with Jennie!  Gosh, I just love this girl!  She's always a hoot to be around :)

Then, I met Carly up at Gateway and we took the boys to the Discovery Museum.  They all, of course, just loved every second!  It's a really cool place - the kids could have spent all day there.

We did the hurricane simulator.  Carly is such a spaz!

Got to go to dinner with Carly, Tim, and little miss Ada.  She turned one the day that we were driving to Utah, so we missed her party :(  
I just like her a lot, and it's really fun to see Carly and Tim as parents!

Shaun went up to Kaysville one day and went golfing with his Dad and Tim.  Then they went and got lunch and went to the shooting range.  I'm glad he got to do some "guy stuff".

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was going to Lagoon.  The boys just absolutely loved it!  Even Carter, who was afraid of most of the rides, really had a good time.  Luke, on the other hand, had NO FEAR!  We took him on all the coasters that he was tall enough to go on, and some of them were seriously scary - like the Bombora.  It's a straight up roller-coaster, and he would cry every time the ride was over and he had to get off!  

Carter's life was basically made when I took him to walk around for a little while when the others were resting.  He didn't want to go on any rides, since he was a little scared of them, so I let him try to win a Minion.  There was literally like no chance of winning one, and I prepared him for that so that he wouldn't cry when we didn't get one.  So we bought 7 ball for $5, and on the third or fourth try, he actually got one of those ball into the big red cup and won the BIG MINION!!  You should have seen how proud he was!  He carried that thing all through the park even though it was as big as he was!
He said, "I just knew I was going to win, I could feel it in the top of my heart."
Love him.

Most of the family up hanging around at Lagoon 

We took a little break in the Salt Flats on the way home.  Who needs pants anyway?

That's our trip in a nutshell!  It was fantastic!